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Whenever I give a reading or pull a card for myself for guidance or empowerment, I am filled with the power of that card.  I study it fully, I note the colour of the card, is it dark or light, I note whether it is pentacles, wands, swords or cups, each object has its own meaning.  If there is a King, queen, Knight or Knave it means something too. For me it denotes levels of maturity in the person or feelings involved.
I concentrate on the question being asked and I appropriate my response to that.  But the power of Tarot has something more profound to the recipient that I treat my responses with great care.
The cards have impact and resonance.  A client was having money problems, he had felt despondent and did not know what to do or turn in order to improve his business.  He pulled a tarot card for himself.  It was the Ace of Wands.  This is the card of ideas, thrusting forward, a strong masculine card full of vigour and vitality.  The client felt excited, he felt Spirit was now working on his side, he felt empowered by that card. He felt a surge of optimism he had not felt in months.  There was a spring in his step, he smiled and felt buoyant.  Sure enough a few weeks later a friend came along and offered him an opportunity to improve his business.  He seized the opportunity and his business has improved dramatically.  Now the question is - what caused what?
Was it because the client chose an empowering card that he felt optimistic so when an opportunity came his way he was in the frame of mind to accept without hesitation?  But what if he had chosen another card say, the two of Swords, would he have felt less optimistic, his mood low and pessimistic and his sense of judgement clouded so he would have prevaricated or even refused, and  the opportunity would have been lost forever. 
But what if the card he chose was not at random?  What if he was destined to choose it, and that he was drawn to that card?  What if Spirit had guided him and “had a hand” in his destiny?  As a consequence of the client picking this card with or without Spirit’s intervention, he has followed the destiny of the card’s meaning.  No-one knows the answer that is why the power of the Tarot is a beautiful secret and just as Tarot’s origins, remains an intriguing mystery.
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