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Diane (Str.Man (RA)) is a qualified Stress Management  Practitioner and psychic tarot card reader who links with Spirit and psychic  energies as well as working with Angels and their guidance.
Diane is an expert at relationship and career readings.  
Are you looking for your soulmate, your one true love? Is romance eluding you?

Or do you feel your career is stagnating?  All these questions and more can be answered by Diane.

Diane works with Tarot and Angels and is a psychic counsellor and clairvoyant - in one  psychic  tarot reading she will tune into the higher power and enable you to  achieve clarity. She also uses Empowerment cards which look at the psyche of the "other" person in your life.
Discover if your soulmate is your "forever" one or  just someone sent to touch your life in a profound way and with whom lessons could be learnt. 

Contact Diane on +44 7956 547741 or email diane@tarotways.com for an appointment. 

Are you happy at work?  Feeling picked on?  Promotion eluding you...is it time to move on? 
Let Diane guide you to your next job or promotion.  Contact Diane on +44 7956 547741 or contact her through this website for an appointment.
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